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Draw String Caught in Grinder

Current / Previous Condition:
 A worker received a significant head injury when using a grinder during the repair of a tank.

Analysis of Condition:

 The initial investigation indicated that the draw-string from the hood of his weatherproof jacket had become entangled in the wheel of the grinder causing it to be pulled towards his head, which subsequently cut his temple and neck.

Recommended / Implemented Actions:

 Main point of learning at this stage is that there should be no drawstrings or loose items of clothing etc dangling when operating a grinder or other rotating equipment / tools which could get drawn in to the rotating element. This would obviously include such items as hair, a scarf, necktie, rings, watches or other jewelry, or any other article that could cause a person to get drawn into a moving part. In some cases this would include PPE such as lanyards, etc.

Benefits of the Lessons Learned:


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